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What is the difference between Religion and Christianity?

posted Feb 26, 2011 00:00:28 by Mrs_Patterson
This is an ongoing topic in my house. I have grown up in a Christian home, a home full of love for God and for each other. My husband has a different perspective on what a Christian really is because of what he has seen happen in his own family when his father joined the British Israeli movement.
His father is a good man, but sometimes his family is placed second to his "church family".
Trying to explain the difference between Christianity and religion is difficult, the hubby has a better view now that he has seen in my family that you can love God and your family at the same time, but he still has a ways to go and he is wary of churches in general.
To me the difference is simple, God commanded us to LOVE. He gave us people in our live to love and take care of. Christianity isn't a set of rules, it is a lifestyle of love, to live how Jesus lived, loving those given to him.
Religion to me is rules and regulations, it is a feeling of "If I don't do this perfectly, then I'm not good enough to be called a child of God". It's warped, it's constricting, it creates "robots".
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